lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Final reflection

My name is Joan Salas and I will explain you what I have been doing this year in my English classes. I am a Commenius student and this summer I will go to Sweden. During this year we have done a lot of activities, for example: we have created a blog, we have composed our own Christmas songs, we have recorded a video preparing a recipe, we have sang our favourite song. A part from that, we have written several compositions about different topics and we have published general comments in our blogs. I think the oral presentations were the most difficult activity as we are not used to talk before the class.
The activity I liked the most was the “favourite song” because I love to sing and what I did not like was preparing a recipe, as I do not like cooking.
Watching films and other Christmas activities are the activities I remember better as it was very funny. However, reading the Canterville ghost book was the most boring part.
My oral speech was about a Village in the Berguedà region. Nil, Toni and me chose “La Pobla de Lillet”. The topic was very easy as this town is very small and there were not many activities to talk about but I found grammar and the oral presentation very difficult because I did not know how to pronounce all words.
I am very satisfied with my blog. I think it is quite well designed because it has photos and videos. Perhaps, the vocabulary is not very rich but I have done a good job.
I am very satisfied because my English has improved a lot this year. I think I will have to practice more the speaking and listening but I have learnt lots of new words.
In conclusion, my English is better than the year before but I have, and I will, go on practicing.