lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

The three pictures of museum

In the museum of art,there is the important collection of art in our country,and it is the second collection in the world.In the collection there were three pictures of a famous artist.
Friday night,the pictures had disasppeared.The security cameras registeres two person who desactivated the alarm and they stole the pictures.
Next morning the police discovered some clues,they were prints.The police searched this person,who lived in Berga.
Last Sunday,the police did a big operation in this city of Berguda.The sthiefs are in prision now.

20th April,2010

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011


High animal that it lives in the mountain,and cross
Other and other land,alsow it participates to the
Race,and the people don't know this
Sport,that the horse makes a lot of
Exercises and cross the obstacles.

jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011


The best film that I have seen is"The departed",It is a good thriller,but it isn't a normal thriller,because in this film there is a departed into mafia,and a departed into police.
The story start when Bill go to the police to Boston,but in the police isn't accept,but he can work how to departed in the mafia.
Mafia in Boston is very importnat,it has got a big organization and it has got a other departed into police,this man is very important and he is a director to a big operation versus mafia.The story finish when Jack,the director of mafia dies,then Bill Knows the story of the police agent,he can send of the prision,but when he has got the police,a other police alsow he is a other departed and kills Bill,then the first departed kills another time the killer.
The final the police became a hero of Boston,but is a bad person.
I recomend this film,is very interesting.